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- Peter

"Hey! I still love a beer but instead of drinking 10 to 12 stubbies a night I might have 2 to 4 & sometimes none."

- John Clare

"It’s no exaggeration to say that the 7 days to drink less program changed my life. I feel fitter and many people have told me I look great. I’ve lost two inches on my waist, just through drinking less. I feel sharper in the mornings. I was always very energetic but I now have even more energy."

- John Knapp

"So 2 months on the improvement was immediate I have had many alcohol free days and I can't finish one bottle of wine now at one sitting I leave about one glass left, so in one week I drink three nights a week and less than one bottle and no binges at all, so that's over 50% reduction!"

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